CA Kesharlal Bhadade

Chartered Accountant, Master of Commerce, M.Phil
The pioneering member of the board began his journey by qualifying as C.A in 1980. Started his career as a lecturer in commerce college . He always had a dream to serve his life for the betterment of students . Passionate for his cause helped thousands of students by teaching them at free of cost or helping them to pay the fees. His passion for the cause made him initiate to establish properly channeled organization which will continue the work he began around 40 years back and Bhadade Charity foundation came in real with his idea. He has a vision not only to help the students but also to create a platform where his past students can join their hands to help each other and serve the fraternity as well.
He always worked hard for the betterment of students ,With his support and guidance, students who are qualified now are doing wonders in their professional life at international level also. He is serving the society with his career and socially as well. He has been associated with Rotary for around 25 years and helping society in any way possible.He is also very active in state level Maheshwari samaj . Great motivator, speaker , generous, soft spoken are the only few words to describe his personality , leading practitioner, a senior partner of Bhadadae Lahoti and company and Founder of Bhadade’s professional Academy.

Adv. Mrs.Mangala Bhadade

B.A., LLB, D.CS (1st Rank in Pune University), Co-founder of Bhadade's Professional Academy
A lady who completed her study and law and became Advocate in 1980’s , but compromised her bright career for family and kids. She is perfect example for the mother’s who can do miracles at any age. She started her career in the mid 40's and made the law subject most interesting for CA students . She helped Bhadade Professional Academy to become a success model for CA foundation students who never thought that CA can be done in a city like Jalgaon.
She is a great Teacher and equally a dedicated social worker , helping many ways to the Society with her social work. Actively participating in state level Maheshwari Mahila Mandal.
She sets an example that a woman can balance her career ,children and family at a time.
She is a blend of role model, loving mother, supporting wife, dedicated Teacher , social worker.

CA Parikshit Bhadade

Chartered Accountant, DISA, Master of Commerce(Gold Medalist in B.Com), DIRM ( AIR-1 )
He is very passionate about his work as well as for educating students . He is running his youtube channel where he has uploaded many educational videos not only for students but also for working professionals as well.
He is the Director of Pariman Advisors Private Limited and also Partner in Bhadade Lahoti & Co. He is also a member of the Direct Tax Professional Association.
He always had a dream to work for the students and try to contribute to the extent possible financially, morally and with correct and appropriate suggestions for career.

CA Shilpa Manudhane

Chartered Accountant, Bachelor of Commerce
Chartered Accountant with working experience of more than 18 years and She is the Partner in Bhadade Lahoti & Co and branch incharge of Hyderabad as well as member of SIRC
She is the perfect example who can inspire women to balance work and family at a time
Mentor for students who love to spend time with students at all age, inspire them ,motivate and encourage them for their bright career in the field they want.
She is socially very active at various platforms. Active member and speaker in Rajasthani Graduate Association Hyderabad

Dr. Kushal Manudhane

M.Sc. Ph.D
He is Tech Savvy-Scientist, doctorate from ICT, Matunga, Mumbai.
He is keen to learn & apply new technologies and do innovative idea creation in chemistry & automation.
An expert in flow chemical process development, separation science & technologies ,Biocatalytic processes
Presently heading R&D with emphasis on flow chemical process development.
He always thinks back off his mind to support talent with suitable need at the moment such as guidance, finance, talent evaluation & coach for your career.

CA Rahul Jain

Chartered Accountant, Bachelor of Commerce
A young dynamic talent who is not only interested to serve as a CA but having great study of the share market.
He is serving clients with his great analytical skills and practical approach.
He is always ready for the young students in helping their career . He always makes sure that the student should get what they deserve .
With his charismatic smiling face he has an ability to solve the problems patiently.
He is a partner of Bhadade Lahoti and Co from 16 years and gained expertise in Banking, Taxation and stock exchange.

Sandip Joshi

Bachelor of Commerce
He is a businessman cum highly social activist. He has completed his bachelor of commerce from Jalgaon and joined family business. He has experience of more than 18 years in the field of his business. Other than his expertise in business activities he is also engaged in social activities such as blood donation camps, Ganesh festival celebrations, etc. He had donated blood for more than 34 times and Plasma and platelets for more than 10 times. He also has contacts all over Maharashtra to arrange blood donors in many areas. He is facilitated by Blood banks for his enormous contribution to society.

CA Devendra Naval

Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary (AIR 5), Master of Commerce, NET, SET
Despite being the youngest Chartered Accountant in the Bhadade Charity Foundation, this young Chartered Accountant has already garnered vast experience and is always ready to help any student to support them academically as well as financially. . He has taken on challenging internship of 3 Years with Bhadade Lahoti & Co. He has completed the Company Secretary course with All India Rank 5 in professional level exam.

Neha Bansal

Master of Commerce
She has completed her from North Maharashtra University in the year 2022. She is proprietor of Mexport Empire .The girl with sports love is rare but unique that is she. She proved her love and won many prizes in sports like Cricket,Kabbadi,Discuss throw,Chess. She is being associated with Bhadade Lahoti and co from 2018 and her passion for the profession made her part of Bhadade Charity Foundation